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The Blind Doctor

About us

We're a full-service blind repair, blind cleaning, blind sales, and blind installation shop in Maryville, TN, serving Knoxville, Alcoa, Maryville and other surrounding areas! We have been in the cleaning business for 25 years as owners of Imperial Cleaning, Inc., and started in the blind cleaning business 18 years ago to solve the problem of dirty blinds for some of our regular customers with extremely dirty blinds, which were due to cigarette smoke, grease, dust, etc. Alot of the things found on most restaurant blinds that are hard to remove, or blinds that get really dirty in homes, such as the ones that hang in kitchen areas, bathrooms and garages.

How We're Different

The main difference between us and other blind cleaners is that we clean ultrasonically, which is the most thorough way of cleaning - this cleans all moving parts, inside the headrails, ladders, cords, wands, valances, etc. We also offer SAME DAY service, satisfaction guaranteed!



The Blind Doctor

244 Gill Street Alcoa, TN, 37742 US

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P.O. Box 5766 Maryville, TN, 37802 US

Business hours

Blind Cleaning BY APPOINTMENT ONLY - (Customer sets the most convenient time and date, and the blinds will be cleaned and rehung all within ONE day!)


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